Top names from the 1960s

The 1960s in the UK represented a period of profound social and cultural change. A decade that redefined what it meant to be British, fueled by a youthful energy that challenged the status quo and embraced new ideas.

The "Swinging Sixties" saw a huge break from tradition in nearly every walk of life. With London at its epicentre fashion and music became a defining feature of the times with British bands such as the Beatles and Rolling Stones enjoying success across the globe.

1960s baby names

In terms of baby names, the social upheaval seen in the 1960s was still quite limited. In fact the most popular names of the 60s were still quite conservative, particularly for boys names. This is a trend seen throughout the history of baby names; girls names seem to always be more readily influenced by current trends, with boys names lagging a few years behind.