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Name Popularity: 99%

Mohammed name meaning:

The name Mohammed is of Arabic origin and holds significant religious and cultural importance. It is derived from the Arabic word "Muhammad," which means "praiseworthy" or "highly praised." In Islamic tradition, Mohammed is the name of the final prophet and messenger of Allah, as revealed in the Quran. Prophet Mohammed holds a central role in Islam and is highly revered by Muslims worldwide.

Choosing the name Mohammed for a boy often signifies the hope and aspiration for the child to embody the qualities associated with the prophet Mohammed. It is believed that individuals named Mohammed may strive to be praiseworthy, compassionate, and morally upright. The name also serves as a reminder of the rich legacy and teachings of Islam. Additionally, the name Mohammed is widely used in honor of cultural and family traditions, symbolizing respect and admiration for the Islamic faith and its values.

Overall, the name Mohammed carries deep religious and cultural significance, reflecting the aspiration for the child to live a life of virtue, righteousness, and devotion to the Islamic faith.

Origin: Arabic

Form of Muhammad. Praised.

Related names

Muhammad , Mohammed , Muhammad-Taqqee

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Overall UK ranking: 35 out of 4789

1619 recorded births last year

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