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Name Popularity: 80%

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The name Gideon is of Hebrew origin and carries deep biblical significance. In the Bible, Gideon was a courageous judge and leader of the Israelites who defeated the Midianites with only three hundred men. The name itself means "destroyer," "mighty warrior," or "tree cutter," reflecting Gideon's strength and bravery in battle.

Gideon's story is often associated with faith and the belief in God's guidance. He is known for his obedience and his willingness to follow God's instructions, even when they seemed unconventional or challenging. Gideon's name, therefore, can also symbolize resilience, trust, and loyalty.

Choosing the name Gideon for a boy can be seen as a testament to the parents' admiration for biblical figures, their desire for their son to possess qualities like bravery and leadership, or their hope for him to develop strong faith and a close relationship with God. Ultimately, the name Gideon embodies strength, determination, and devotion, making it a powerful choice for a boy's name.

Origin: Hebrew

Great warrior.

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Overall UK ranking: 939 out of 4789

32 recorded births last year

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