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The name Timothy is derived from the Greek name Timotheos, which is a combination of two words: "timē" meaning "honor" or "respect," and "theos" meaning "god." Therefore, the name Timothy can be interpreted to mean "one who honors God" or "one who worships God." This name holds significant religious connotations and has strong ties to Christianity.

In the biblical context, Timothy was a companion and disciple of the apostle Paul, known for his faith, virtue, and knowledge of scripture. He is mentioned in several New Testament books, including Acts, Romans, and 1 and 2 Timothy. Timothy's reputation as a faithful and dedicated follower of Christ has contributed to the name's association with devotion, piety, and spiritual leadership.

Overall, the name Timothy carries a sense of reverence and devotion towards a higher power, often connected to the Christian faith. It is a name bestowed upon boys with the hope that they will embody the qualities of faithfulness, honor, and respect towards God and others.

Origin: Greek

Honoring God.


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