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Name Popularity: 95%

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The name Douglas is of Scottish origin and it carries a strong and noble meaning. It is derived from the Gaelic words 'dubh', meaning 'dark', and 'glas', meaning 'stream'. Combining these two elements, the name Douglas translates to 'dark stream' or 'dark river'. This interpretation evokes a sense of mystery and depth, suggesting a person who possesses both strength and tranquility.

The name Douglas has a rich historical significance, as it was the surname of a powerful Scottish clan. It has been used as both a first name and a surname for centuries, and is associated with notable figures such as the Scottish hero Sir James Douglas, also known as "the Black Douglas". The name carries a sense of tradition and heritage, representing a connection to the lush landscapes and rugged beauty of Scotland.

In modern times, the name Douglas is often chosen for boys as a way to honor their Scottish ancestry or as a nod to its strong and noble connotations. With its timeless appeal and regal undertones, the name Douglas is a classic choice that exudes strength, elegance, and an air of mystery.

Origin: Scottish

From the dark water.


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Overall UK ranking: 227 out of 4789

223 recorded births last year

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