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The name Margaret is of Greek origin and has a rich historical and cultural significance. It is derived from the Greek word "margarites," meaning "pearl." In ancient times, pearls were highly treasured gemstones symbolizing purity, beauty, and elegance. As such, the name Margaret is often associated with these qualities.

Margaret is also a name with royal connotations, having been borne by several queens and princesses throughout history. Notably, Saint Margaret of Scotland, who was known for her piety and charity, and Margaret Tudor, sister of Henry VIII and queen consort of Scotland, both carried this name.

In terms of personality traits, those named Margaret are often described as intelligent, independent, and strong-willed. They possess a natural curiosity and are known for their analytical thinking and problem-solving abilities. Margarets are typically driven, determined, and ambitious, with a desire to achieve their goals.

Overall, the name Margaret exudes elegance, grace, and strength. It carries a sense of timeless beauty and sophistication, while also representing a strong and resilient character.

Origin: Persian

Pearl, Child of light.


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