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Graeme name meaning:

The name Graeme is of Scottish origin and is derived from the Scottish surname Graham. It is a variant of the name Graham, which is believed to have originated from the Old English word "grāf" meaning "grey" or "grey-haired". The name Graeme is therefore often associated with the color grey or grey-haired individuals.

The name Graeme is also sometimes linked to the Scottish clan name Graham, which has a long history dating back to the 12th century. The Grahams were a prominent clan in Scotland and were known for their bravery and loyalty. As a result, the name Graeme can also be associated with traits such as strength, courage, and honor.

In modern times, the name Graeme is still popular in Scotland and is used as a first name for boys. It has a strong and masculine sound, evoking a sense of authority and confidence. People with the name Graeme are often seen as intelligent, reliable, and trustworthy individuals.

Origin: Anglo Saxon


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