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Name Popularity: 17%

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The name Pauline is derived from the Latin name Paulina, which is the feminine form of Paulus. The name Paulus is derived from the Latin word "paulus," meaning "small" or "humble." Therefore, the name Pauline carries the meaning of "small" or "humble" as well.

Those named Pauline are often seen as kind-hearted individuals who are modest and down-to-earth. They possess a sense of humility and are known for their unassuming nature. They tend to be gentle and compassionate, with a nurturing side that makes them great caretakers. Paulines are often admired for their wisdom and ability to empathize with others, making them excellent friends and confidantes.

The name Pauline also has historical and religious connotations, as it is associated with the biblical figure of Saint Paul. Saint Paul was an important figure in early Christianity, known for his missionary work and writings that greatly influenced the development of Christian theology. Therefore, the name Pauline may also carry a sense of spiritual or religious significance to those who bear it.

Origin: Latin

Feminine form of Paul: Little; small.

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