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Name Popularity: 65%

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The name Sharon has Hebrew origins and its meaning can be interpreted in a few different ways. One interpretation is that Sharon means "plain" or "flat land" in Hebrew. This meaning refers to a geographic region mentioned in the Bible, known for its fertile and expansive plains. As a name, Sharon can symbolize a sense of openness, simplicity, and tranquility.

Another possible interpretation of the name Sharon is that it derives from the Hebrew word "sharoni," which means "my song" or "my joy." In this sense, Sharon can be seen as a name that represents happiness, enthusiasm, and a joyful disposition.

In modern times, Sharon is a popular name for girls in English-speaking countries. It is often associated with qualities such as kindness, grace, and strength. The name has been influenced by its biblical and poetic roots, giving it a timeless and elegant feel.

Origin: Hebrew



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Overall UK ranking: 1962 out of 5581

14 recorded births last year

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  • Scotland (1010)

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