Edwardian Baby Names of the 1900s

The Edwardian Era occupied the first decade of the 20th century - the 1900s. In many respects naming trends were simply a continuation of the Victorian years which came directly before.

Although traditional in many respects, the Edwardians built on the Victorians love of all things Gothic and literary. Whilst in previous decades names were simply handed down through the generations, the turn-of-the-century saw wider inspiration. More exotic names which were formerly the preserve of the upper classes began to filter down as literature, music and even films became more widely accessible.

Today many of these names are seeing something of a renaissance. Offering a choice of the traditional and the romantic a lot of the Edwardian names have equally lovely diminutives; think Ernie, Milly or Lotty.

So why not channel your inner Downton Abbey and have a look through our list of the best Edwardian baby names.