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Name Popularity: 100%

Ella name meaning:

The name Ella, traditionally associated with girls, primarily exudes grace and beauty, originating from various linguistic roots, including Germanic and Norman origins. Its primary meaning is often cited as "all, completely" or "fairy maiden, goddess." However, when considering names in the modern context, the strict gender associations with certain names have become more fluid, allowing for names like Ella to be used for boys as well, albeit less commonly.

For a boy, the name Ella could symbolize a break from conventional gender norms, emphasizing individuality and the importance of personal meaning over tradition. It could also reflect a cultural or familial significance, where the name's beauty, universality, and timeless charm are valued beyond its traditional gender association. In essence, for a boy named Ella, the name could stand as a testament to uniqueness, a broad-minded approach to identity, and an embrace of the rich tapestry of human expression.

Origin: English

Beautiful fairy woman.

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Overall UK ranking: 20 out of 5581

1756 recorded births last year

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