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Name Popularity: 94%

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The name Walter is of Germanic origin and carries a rich and noble history. It is derived from the Old Germanic name "Waldhar," which is composed of two elements: "wald," meaning "rule" or "power," and "heri," meaning "army" or "warrior." Therefore, the name Walter can be interpreted to mean "ruler of the army" or "mighty warrior."

People with the name Walter are often seen as strong, determined, and courageous individuals. They possess leadership qualities and tend to take charge in various aspects of their lives. They are known for their ability to make wise decisions and guide others towards success. Walters are often admired for their strength of character and their dedication to their principles.

Overall, the name Walter represents power, leadership, and bravery. It evokes a sense of authority and respect. Those with this name often embody these qualities and are driven by a desire to make a positive impact in their personal and professional endeavors.

Origin: German

Powerful warrior.


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155 recorded births last year

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