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The name Charlotte is of French origin and has a fascinating meaning. It is derived from the male name Charles, which means "free man" or "manly" in Old German. However, the feminized version, Charlotte, has a slightly different interpretation. It is often associated with the meaning "petite" or "feminine." The name has a timeless charm and elegance that has made it popular throughout history.

Charlotte is a name that holds a sense of strength and femininity. It has been associated with many notable figures in history, literature, and royalty, adding to its allure. The name gained significant popularity with the birth of Princess Charlotte of Cambridge in 2015, further cementing its status as a classy and regal choice.

Overall, the name Charlotte carries a beautiful blend of strength and femininity. It signifies independence, femininity, and elegance. Whether it is due to its historical connections or simply its aesthetic appeal, Charlotte remains a popular choice for parents seeking a timeless and sophisticated name for their daughter.

Origin: French

Petite and feminine.


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Overall UK ranking: 25 out of 5581

1654 recorded births last year

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