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The name Lily is of English origin and is derived from the name of the flower "lily," which is known for its delicate and fragrant blossoms. The word "lily" itself has roots in Old English, Latin, and Greek, and it is associated with purity, beauty, and the restored innocence of the soul.

As a result, the name Lily is often interpreted to symbolize purity, simplicity, and sweetness. It is a popular and timeless name that has been used for centuries. The Lily flower has also been associated with various meanings in different cultures, such as renewal and rebirth.

Overall, Lily is a name with positive and floral connotations, and it's appreciated for its natural charm and elegance.

Origin: Greek

Form of Lillian. Lily.


Victorian names

Related names

Lillian , Lilian , Liliane , Lilianna , Lilianne, Lilli , Lilliana , Lilliane, Lilliann, Lillianna , Lily

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Overall UK ranking: 7 out of 5581

2182 recorded births last year

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