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Name Popularity: 97%

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The name Lewis is derived from the Old High German name Hludwig, which is composed of the elements "hlud" meaning "famous" and "wig" meaning "warrior." This gives the name Lewis a meaning of "famous warrior" or "renowned fighter." The name has origins in various cultures and has been used in different forms across history.

Lewis is a strong and classic name for a boy. It carries a sense of power and strength, as well as a hint of nobility and fame. The name has been borne by several notable figures throughout history, including famous explorers, authors, and actors, adding to its association with achievement and distinction. Parents who choose the name Lewis for their son may be drawn to its timeless appeal and the qualities it evokes.

Origin: German

Form of Louis. Famous in battle.

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Overall UK ranking: 136 out of 4789

419 recorded births last year

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