Cornish Baby Names

Cornwall, nestled in the southwestern tip of England, is a region celebrated for its rich cultural heritage, breathtaking landscapes, and distinctive traditions. One fascinating aspect of Cornwall's culture lies in its unique and often ancient personal names that reflect the region's history and identity.

Cornish baby names

There has been something of a revival in Cornish names over recent decades and these now fall into three categories:

  • Traditional Cornish: These names have been used in Cornwall for centuries and often have Celtic meanings. Examples include Morwenna (meaning "sea spirit"), Elowen (meaning "elm tree"), Tristan (meaning "bold"), and Jago (meaning "bitter").
  • Place Names: Cornish place names can also be used as personal names, evoking the dramatic coastline and rolling hills. Examples include Zennor, Lamorna, Mawgan, and Sennen.
  • Word Names: A recent trend in Cornish naming is to create new names inspired by Cornish words. These names often have beautiful meanings and reflect the Cornish language and culture. Examples include Kerensa (meaning "love"), Metha (meaning "honeysuckle"), and Lowen (meaning "joy").

To find the perfect Cornish name, consider what meanings and qualities you'd like the name to represent. You might also research Cornish history, mythology, and literature for inspiration.

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