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Name Popularity: 95%

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The name Tristan is of Celtic origin and carries a rich history and meaning. It is derived from the Old French name Tristran, which ultimately came from the Celtic name Drustan. The name Tristan has several possible meanings, all of which contribute to its charm and appeal.

One interpretation of the name Tristan is "sorrowful" or "sorrowful one." This meaning may stem from the tragic story of Tristan and Isolde, a famous medieval legend in which Tristan is a knight who falls in love with a woman named Isolde, leading to a series of sorrowful events. Another possible meaning of Tristan is "bold" or "daring," reflecting the character traits associated with the name.

Overall, the name Tristan carries a sense of depth and complexity, embodying both sorrow and courage. It is a name that evokes emotions and captures the imagination, making it a popular choice for parents seeking a name with a touch of mystique and romance for their baby boy.

Origin: Cornish

of Cornwall, and lover of Isolde.

Origin: Welsh



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Overall UK ranking: 221 out of 4789

234 recorded births last year

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