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The name Anthony is of Latin origin and has multiple meanings. One interpretation is that it derives from the Roman family name Antonius, which may have been derived from the Greek word "anthos," meaning "flower." In this sense, Anthony could symbolize beauty, grace, and delicacy. Another possible meaning is that the name is derived from the Greek word "anthos," meaning "priceless" or "priceless one." This interpretation suggests that Anthony is a valuable and precious individual.

In addition to its etymological meanings, the name Anthony carries various connotations and associations. It has been commonly used as a given name in English-speaking countries for centuries, often associated with individuals who possess qualities such as strength, determination, and leadership. Prominent figures named Anthony, such as Saint Anthony of Padua and Anthony Hopkins, have further contributed to the name's associations with intellect, charisma, and accomplishment.

Overall, the name Anthony can be seen as a combination of ancient roots and contemporary associations, embodying qualities of beauty, value, and strength.

Origin: Latin



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