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Name Popularity: 28%

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The name Keoni is of Hawaiian origin and holds a deep cultural significance. It is the Hawaiian variation of the name "John," which is a biblical name with Hebrew origins. Keoni carries a strong and noble meaning, often associated with qualities such as strength, God's grace, and kindness.

In Hawaiian culture, names hold an important role in representing one's identity and connecting them to their ancestors. The name Keoni is commonly given to boys as a way to honor and carry on the legacy of their forefathers. It symbolizes a connection to past generations and serves as a reminder of the values and virtues that have been passed down through the family lineage.

Furthermore, Keoni is often seen as a name that represents leadership and determination. Boys named Keoni are believed to possess traits such as resilience, intelligence, and a strong sense of purpose. The name reflects a sense of responsibility and the potential for greatness. Overall, Keoni is a meaningful name that encompasses elements of heritage, strength, and aspiration.

Origin: Hawaiian

Form of John.

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