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Name Popularity: 55%

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The name Ciana is of Italian and Gaelic origin. In Italian, Ciana is derived from the word "cianna," meaning "light." This name is often associated with brightness, intelligence, and positivity. It carries connotations of illumination and clarity, suggesting a person who brings light into the lives of others. Ciana is a name that symbolizes optimism, radiance, and a vibrant spirit.

In Gaelic, Ciana is a variant of the name Kiana, which means "ancient" or "archaic." This interpretation carries a sense of strength and wisdom derived from the past. It signifies a connection to one's roots and a respect for tradition. Ciana, in this context, represents a person who values history, heritage, and the lessons learned from previous generations. Overall, the name Ciana encompasses a combination of attributes such as brightness, intelligence, positivity, strength, and wisdom, making it a beautiful and meaningful choice for a girl.

Origin: Italian

The name Ciana is an Italian female variant of John. As such it is taken to mean "God is gracious".

Pronounced with either a soft 'S' or a 'ch' at the start it does not rhyme with Diana, but is more "chee-ah-na".

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