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Name Popularity: 37%

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The name Johnnie is typically a masculine name derived from the name John, which has Hebrew origin meaning "God is gracious." However, when used as a girl's name, Johnnie is often seen as a unique and uncommon choice. The name Johnnie for a girl can be seen as a playful and spunky twist on a traditionally male name, symbolizing a strong and independent personality.

Choosing the name Johnnie for a girl could also reflect a desire to break gender norms and express individuality. By giving a girl the name Johnnie, it may represent a statement of empowerment and a refusal to conform to societal expectations. Overall, the name Johnnie for a girl can be seen as a bold and unconventional choice, embodying qualities of strength, independence, and a willingness to challenge traditional norms.

Origin: English

Modern feminine form of John and Jon.


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Overall UK ranking: 3017 out of 4789

6 recorded births last year

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