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Name Popularity: 48%

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Hanson is a name of Scandinavian origin, primarily used as a surname but also used as a given name. As a surname, it is derived from the Scandinavian personal name "Hann", meaning "rooster" or "cock". The suffix "-son" indicates "son of", so the name Hanson would mean "son of Hann" or "son of the rooster". In this context, it suggests a familial connection or association with someone named Hann.

As a given name, Hanson is less common but still holds the same meaning, referring to a person who is the son of someone named Hann. It can be seen as a way to honor or pay tribute to one's ancestors or family heritage. The name Hanson may also carry connotations of strength, pride, and leadership, as roosters are often associated with these qualities in various cultures.

Overall, the name Hanson is rooted in Scandinavian heritage and symbolizes a connection to a person named Hann, representing familial ties, strength, and leadership.

Origin: Dutch

Variant of John.

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