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The name Miko is of Japanese origin and is commonly used as both a feminine and masculine name. In Japanese, Miko (巫女) refers to a shrine maiden, a young woman who performs ceremonial duties at Shinto shrines. These duties can include performing sacred dances, offering prayers, and assisting in various rituals. Miko are believed to have a special connection with the divine and are often considered as intermediaries between humans and the gods.

When used as a boy's name, Miko can still carry the essence of its original meaning, representing qualities associated with the shrine maidens. These qualities may include purity, spirituality, and a connection to the divine. Naming a boy Miko might be seen as an unconventional choice, but it can highlight non-conformity and individuality, as well as a willingness to embrace traditional values and spirituality.

Overall, the name Miko holds cultural significance and conveys a sense of spiritual devotion and connection to the divine, regardless of gender.

Origin: Slavic

Form of Michael. Who is like God.

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