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Name Popularity: 37%

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The name "Micky" is a variant of the name "Mickey," which is often used as a nickname for the names Michael or Michelle. As a boy's name, Micky can reflect qualities associated with these names. "Michael" is derived from the Hebrew name "Mikha'el," meaning "who is like God?" This name has strong biblical roots and is associated with strength, courage, and leadership. Those named Michael or Micky are often seen as assertive, determined, and confident individuals.

On the other hand, "Micky" as a variant of "Michelle" can carry different connotations. "Michelle" is a feminine form of the name Michael and is derived from the Hebrew term "Mikha'el," meaning "who is like God?" Though traditionally used as a feminine name, Micky can be a unique and unconventional choice for a boy. In this context, the name can represent a sense of individuality, creativity, and breaking gender norms.

Ultimately, the meaning of the name Micky can vary depending on its origins and the cultural context in which it is used. However, it often carries associations of strength, assertiveness, and a touch of uniqueness.

Origin: Hebrew

Diminutive of Michael: Who is like God. Gift from God. In the Bible, St. Michael was the conqueror of Satan and patron saint of soldiers.


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