Miguel - boys name

Miguel name popularity, meaning and origin

Name Popularity: 89%

Miguel name meaning:

Origin: Portuguese

Form of Michael. Who is like God.

Related names

Michael , Chaela, Chaeli, Makayla , Mckale, Mckayla , Micaela , Michaela , Michail , Micheal , Micheil, Michel, Michela , Michele , Michella, Mick, Mickey , Micky , Miguel , Mihangel, Mikaela , Mikayla , Mike , Mikel , Mikell, Mikella, Mikelle, Mikhail , Mikki, Mikko, Miko, Miquel, Misha , Mishe, Mishenka, Mitch, Mitchel, Mitchell , Mychaela, Mychajlo, Mychal, Mychele, Mychelle, Mykhaltso, Myghal

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Overall UK ranking: 488 out of 4608

79 recorded births last year

Change in rank

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