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The name Mikko is of Finnish origin and is a diminutive form of the name Mikael, which means "who is like God" or "gift from God." Mikael is a variant of the name Michael, which is of Hebrew origin and also means "who is like God."

In Finnish culture, the name Mikko is often given to boys, but it can also be used as a unisex name. The name carries connotations of strength, divine protection, and blessings. It is a name that signifies a special connection to God or a higher power, and conveys a sense of reverence and importance.

Overall, the name Mikko is a powerful and meaningful name that symbolizes a divine presence and a sense of protection and guidance. It is a name that conveys a sense of strength and significance, making it a popular choice for parents seeking a name with spiritual or religious significance for their child.

Origin: English

Abbreviation of Michaela, Micaela, Mikaela, Mikayla, Mychaela, and Mikella. Feminine form of Michael, meaning gift from God.


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