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Name Popularity: 51%

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The name Evelynne is a variation of the name Evelyn, which is derived from the French name Aveline. The name Aveline itself is derived from the Germanic name Avila, meaning "desired" or "wished for." As a result, Evelynne carries similar meanings as its base name. The name signifies a sense of longing or being wished for, emphasizing the idea of being cherished and desired by others.

Evelynne also carries a sense of elegance and femininity. The name has a soft and melodic sound, contributing to its overall charm. The addition of the extra "n" at the end gives the name a unique twist, making it stand out among other variations of Evelyn.

In summary, the name Evelynne conveys the meanings of being desired, cherished, and having an element of elegance. It is a name that emanates a sense of beauty and importance, reflecting the significance and admiration associated with the person bearing the name.

Origin: English

Form of Evelyn: Life.

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