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Name Popularity: 83%

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The name Evalyn is a variant of the name Evelyn, which has origins in both English and French. The name Evelyn is derived from the Old English name Aveline, which itself comes from the Germanic name Avelina. The meaning of the name Evalyn is often interpreted as "wished-for child" or "desired child." It is associated with the idea of a child that is longed for and brings joy and happiness to their parents.

Evalyn is a name that carries a sense of anticipation and hope. It signifies a child who is cherished and brings a sense of fulfillment to their family. The name also conveys a sense of strength and resilience, as the child is seen as a precious gift that is greatly desired. Overall, the name Evalyn holds a positive and endearing meaning, symbolizing the love, longing, and blessings associated with the birth of a child.

Origin: English

Form of Evelyn: Life.

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36 recorded births last year

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