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Name Popularity: 51%

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The name Evalina is derived from the Hebrew name "Evelyn," which means "desired" or "wished for." It is a feminine form of the name "Evelyn" and has similar origins and meanings. Evalina is a name that conveys a sense of longing, aspiration, and anticipation. It signifies a girl who is cherished, valued, and wanted, reflecting the hopes and dreams associated with her existence.

Evalina is a beautiful and unique name that exudes a sense of elegance and grace. It carries a certain mystique and allure, making it a popular choice amongst parents seeking a name that is both timeless and enchanting. Moreover, the name Evalina embodies qualities such as strength, determination, and ambition. It symbolizes a girl who is destined for great things and carries with her the essence of being cherished and yearned for.

Overall, Evalina is a name that holds a deep meaning, reflecting the desire and anticipation associated with the birth of a girl. It represents a sense of importance and value, capturing the aspirations and hopes of those who give their child this beautiful name.

Origin: English

Form of Evelyn: Life.

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Overall UK ranking: 2711 out of 5581

9 recorded births last year

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