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The name Montague is derived from an Old French word "mont" meaning "mountain" and an Old English word "hāh" meaning "hill". Therefore, the name Montague can be interpreted as "from the mountain" or "dweller on the hill". In the context of Shakespeare's famous play "Romeo and Juliet", Montague is the surname given to the wealthy and influential family to which Romeo, the male protagonist, belongs.

The choice of the name Montague for Romeo's family may symbolize their elevated social status and their position of power in Verona. It could also suggest their physical and metaphorical separation from the rival family, the Capulets, as if they were residing on a higher ground. As such, the name Montague could reflect the social divisions and conflicts present in the play, emphasizing the stark contrast between the two feuding families.

Overall, the name Montague denotes a sense of prominence, authority, and perhaps even isolation. It serves to reinforce the themes of social hierarchy and the tragic consequences of a divided society explored in "Romeo and Juliet".

Origin: French

Pointed hill. Steep mountain. More commonly found as a surname, although used occasionally as a first name.


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