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Name Popularity: 75%

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The name Loui is a variant spelling of the more commonly known name Louis. The name Louis is of French origin and has Germanic roots. It is derived from the Germanic name Ludwig, which consists of the elements "hlūd," meaning "fame," and "wīg," meaning "warrior." Therefore, the name Louis can be understood to mean "famous warrior" or "renowned warrior."

Individuals named Loui, or Louis, are often known for their strong and charismatic personalities. They tend to possess leadership qualities and are driven by a desire for recognition and success. Loui's are often seen as confident and courageous individuals, capable of taking charge and making tough decisions. They often thrive in positions of power or authority, displaying their natural leadership abilities. The name Loui carries a sense of strength and accomplishment, reflecting the determined and ambitious nature of those who bear it.


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Overall UK ranking: 1184 out of 4789

23 recorded births last year

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