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Name Popularity: 82%

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The name Andy is a diminutive form of the name Andrew, which is derived from the Greek name Andreas. The Greek name Andreas means "manly" or "brave," and it is often associated with characteristics such as strength, courage, and valor. Therefore, the name Andy can carry similar connotations, symbolizing a boy who possesses these qualities.

In addition to its meaning, the name Andy also has a friendly and approachable sound. It is a simple and familiar name that is easy to pronounce and remember. These characteristics often make it a popular choice for parents looking for a name that is both strong and likable.

Overall, the name Andy carries the meaning of masculinity and courage while also maintaining a friendly and approachable nature. It is a name that can inspire confidence and evoke a sense of trust, making it a suitable choice for parents seeking a name that combines strength with likability.

Origin: Greek

Form of Andrea. Manly.


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Overall UK ranking: 841 out of 4789

37 recorded births last year

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