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Name Popularity: 61%

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The name Andres is of Spanish origin and is derived from the Greek name Andreas, which means "manly" or "brave". It is a masculine name that has been popular in various countries and cultures. In Spanish-speaking countries, the name Andres is commonly used and has a strong presence in Hispanic communities.

The name Andres carries connotations of strength, courage, and resilience. It implies a sense of masculinity and bravery, reflecting the traditional expectations and ideals associated with men. Individuals named Andres may be perceived as confident, bold, and determined. They may possess leadership qualities and a willingness to take risks. The name Andres often inspires people to exhibit characteristics typically associated with masculinity, such as assertiveness, protectiveness, and a strong sense of responsibility.

Origin: Spanish

Form of Andrea. Manly.

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Overall UK ranking: 1860 out of 4789

12 recorded births last year

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