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The name Louis is of Germanic origin and has a rich history. Derived from the name Ludwig, Louis means "famous warrior" or "renowned warrior." It combines the elements "hlud," meaning "fame" or "renown," and "wig," meaning "war" or "battle." Louis has been a popular name among European royalty and nobility, with numerous notable figures sporting the name throughout history.

The name Louis has a strong and regal connotation, evoking images of strength, bravery, and leadership. It carries a sense of power and influence, fitting for a warrior or a ruler. Additionally, Louis has a timeless charm, as it has been used for centuries and continues to be appreciated today. Its popularity can be attributed to its classic sound and the illustrious individuals who have shared the name. Overall, Louis is a name that exudes strength, nobility, and a sense of history.

Origin: French

Names don't come much more French than Louis. After all there have been a total of 18 French monarchs who have borne the name. Most notably Louis XVI who lost his head during the Revolution.

The name Louis, like the British counterpart - Lewis, means 'famous warrior' or 'famous in battle'.

Louis evolved from an old German name Chlodwig. After a Germanic tribe had invaded Gaul in the Dark Ages the name morphed into Clovis and eventually Louis.


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