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Name Popularity: 63%

Ellena name meaning:

The name Ellena is derived from the Greek name Helen, which means "torch" or "shining light." The name carries a beautiful and radiant connotation, symbolizing brightness, illumination, and warmth. In Greek mythology, Helen was renowned for her exceptional beauty and was often referred to as "the face that launched a thousand ships."

Individuals named Ellena are believed to possess qualities such as grace, charm, and a strong sense of individuality. They are often seen as confident and charismatic individuals, capable of lighting up a room with their infectious energy and positive outlook on life. The name Ellena can also be associated with intelligence and creativity, as these individuals tend to have a keen mind and a unique perspective on the world.

Overall, the name Ellena represents a person who brings light and positivity to those around them. They have the potential to make a lasting impact on the lives of others and are often remembered for their radiant personality and inner beauty.

Origin: English

Variant of Helen: Means Light or most beautiful woman.

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