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Name Popularity: 17%

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The name Aline has a few different meanings depending on its origin. In English, Aline is derived from the name Adeline, which is a diminutive form of the Germanic name Adelheid. Adelheid is composed of the elements "adel," meaning noble, and "heid," meaning kind or type. Therefore, Aline can be interpreted as meaning "noble" or "of noble kind." This suggests a sense of elegance, grace, and refinement.

In French, Aline is a variant of the name Adeline, which is derived from the Germanic name Adelaide. Adelaide is composed of the elements "adal," meaning noble, and "heid," again meaning kind or type. Therefore, Aline can also be understood as meaning "noble" or "of noble kind" in French. This interpretation aligns with the notion of dignity, status, and high social standing.

Overall, the name Aline carries a sense of nobility and grace, regardless of its origin. It suggests a person who possesses qualities of elegance, refinement, and perhaps even a regal demeanor.

Origin: Celtic

Fair, good-looking. Feminine form of Allen or variant of Helen.

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Overall UK ranking: 4634 out of 5581

4 recorded births last year

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  • Scotland (1490)

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