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Name Popularity: 78%

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The name Zaki is of Arabic origin and has a rich meaning. In Arabic, Zaki (زكي) is derived from the word "zakat," which means purity, goodness, or righteousness. As a name, Zaki carries the connotation of someone who possesses these qualities. It is often used as a masculine name and can be given to a boy as a way to express the hope that he will grow up to be virtuous and morally upright.

Zaki is a name that reflects the desire for a child to embody qualities such as integrity, honesty, and kindness. It suggests a person who is pure at heart, possesses a good character, and strives to do what is right. Parents who choose the name Zaki may wish to encourage their child to lead a noble and righteous life.

The name Zaki is also associated with the Islamic concept of Zakat, which refers to the obligatory act of giving to charity and helping those in need. This connection may further emphasize the importance of kindness and generosity in the child's life. Overall, the name Zaki carries a beautiful meaning that symbolizes moral excellence and uprightness.

Origin: African

Lion's prowess.

Related names

Zaki , Zaakir, Zakee, Zakiy, Zakkiyya

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