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Name Popularity: 67%

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The name Zahir is of Arabic origin and it holds various meanings. One of the most common meanings of the name Zahir is "visible" or "apparent." It signifies something that is easily seen or noticed, highlighting the idea of presence and being conspicuous. It can also be interpreted as something that is prominent, striking, or obvious. The name Zahir may also relate to the concept of being famous or well-known, as it embodies the notion of being easily recognized or standing out from the crowd.

In Arabic culture, names often carry significant meanings and hold symbolic value. Choosing the name Zahir for a boy could reflect the desire for the child to grow up to be someone who is confident, assertive, and easily noticeable. It may also indicate the hope for the child to become successful or recognized in their chosen path, whether it be in their career, personal life, or any other aspect. Ultimately, the name Zahir embodies a sense of individuality, distinction, and a tendency to leave a lasting impression on others.

Origin: Arabic


Related names

Zahir , Zaheera

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Overall UK ranking: 1595 out of 4789

15 recorded births last year

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