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The name Zahid is of Arabic origin and has a deep spiritual meaning. It is derived from the Arabic word "zuhd" which means "abstinence" or "asceticism". In Islamic tradition, the term "zahid" refers to a person who leads a simple and humble life, detached from material possessions and worldly desires. A Zahid is someone who chooses to live a life of austerity, focusing on spiritual enlightenment and devotion to God.

Parents who choose the name Zahid for their son may hope to instill in him the values of simplicity, humility, and detachment from worldly temptations. The name Zahid can serve as a reminder to the child to prioritize spiritual growth and the pursuit of a virtuous life. It carries a sense of self-discipline and dedication to spiritual principles, encouraging the child to seek inner peace and tranquility rather than chasing materialistic goals.

Overall, the name Zahid reflects a deep sense of spirituality and a commitment to leading a meaningful and virtuous life, making it a beautiful choice for parents who value these principles.

Origin: Arabic


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