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Name Popularity: 97%

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The name Yahya is of Arabic origin and holds significant meaning in Islamic culture. Derived from the Arabic word "hayya," meaning "to live," Yahya is often interpreted as "God lives" or "God has lived." It is a name associated with Prophet John the Baptist in Islamic tradition, who is highly revered as a prophet and the cousin of Prophet Jesus. Yahya is mentioned multiple times in the Quran, and his birth is considered miraculous as his parents were advanced in age.

The name Yahya carries a sense of spirituality and a deep connection to God. It is believed to symbolize strength, wisdom, and piety. Parents who choose this name for their son may hope for him to embody these qualities and lead a righteous and purposeful life. Additionally, the name Yahya can serve as a reminder of the importance of faith and devotion to God in Islamic tradition.

Origin: Egyptian

Given by God.

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Overall UK ranking: 152 out of 4789

377 recorded births last year

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