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The name "Woods" is typically a surname that has been used as a given name for boys. It has English origins and is derived from the Middle English word "wode," which means "wood" or "forest." The name is often associated with nature and the outdoors, evoking images of trees, greenery, and tranquility.

As a given name, "Woods" can symbolize a connection to nature, emphasizing qualities such as strength, resilience, and stability. It may also reflect a sense of grounding and rootedness, suggesting a person who is down-to-earth and in touch with their surroundings. Additionally, the name can evoke a sense of adventure and exploration, as the woods are often seen as a place of mystery and discovery.

Overall, the name "Woods" for a boy carries connotations of nature, strength, and a deep connection to the environment. It represents a person who embraces the beauty and serenity of the natural world and values the qualities associated with it.

Origin: American

Of the woods.

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Woods , Woody

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