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Name Popularity: 87%

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The name Wesley is derived from the Old English surname "Westley" or "Westleigh," which means 'western meadow' or 'west meadow.' It is an occupational name that originally referred to someone who lived near or worked in a meadow to the west of a settlement. The name combines the elements "west" referring to direction and "lea/leigh" meaning 'meadow.'

Wesley is also associated with the religious movement known as Methodism, as it was the surname of the founder of the movement, John Wesley. The name gained popularity in the 18th century and has since become a common given name. Wesley has a strong and masculine sound, with a touch of elegance and sophistication. It carries connotations of nature, peacefulness, and a sense of rootedness. Those named Wesley are often described as intelligent, independent, and reliable individuals who possess leadership qualities. Overall, the name Wesley combines historical significance, nature-inspired imagery, and a timeless charm.

Origin: English

The west meadow.



Related names

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Overall UK ranking: 618 out of 4789

60 recorded births last year

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