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Name Popularity: 88%

Troy name meaning:

The name Troy is derived from the ancient city of Troy, known for its epic tales in Greek mythology. In Greek, the name is spelled "Τροία" (Troia) and it symbolizes strength, bravery, and endurance. With this historical significance, the name Troy carries a sense of valor and resilience.

Choosing the name Troy for a boy could suggest the parents' desire for their child to possess these admirable traits. They may hope that their son will be courageous, able to face challenges head-on, and demonstrate unwavering determination in the face of adversity. The name Troy can connote a sense of history and myth, evoking images of ancient battles and heroic figures.

Additionally, the name Troy has gained popularity due to its association with the city in the United States, Troy, New York. This connection also adds a touch of American pride and ingenuity to the name. Overall, naming a boy Troy can be seen as a nod to both ancient mythology and American heritage, representing strength, bravery, and resilience.

Origin: French

Water or foot soldier.

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Overall UK ranking: 556 out of 4789

69 recorded births last year

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