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Name Popularity: 90%

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The name Sulaiman is of Arabic origin and is commonly used for boys. It holds significant meaning rooted in Islamic history and carries several interpretations. Sulaiman, derived from the Hebrew name Solomon, is associated with wisdom, intelligence, and leadership. In Islamic tradition, Sulaiman is revered as a prophet and a king, known for his righteous rule and extraordinary wisdom.

The name Sulaiman is often seen as a symbol of intellectual prowess and sound judgment. It represents a person who possesses great wisdom and the ability to make wise decisions. Sulaiman's name is highly regarded in Muslim communities, and parents often choose it in hopes that their child will inherit these admirable qualities.

In addition to its spiritual significance, the name Sulaiman also carries cultural weight. It is a name that has been passed down through generations, connecting individuals to their heritage and ancestry. The name Sulaiman is a reminder of a powerful figure in Islamic history and serves as a source of inspiration and aspiration for those who bear it.

Origin: Arabic

Arabic form of Solomon.

Related names

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Overall UK ranking: 457 out of 4789

90 recorded births last year

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