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Name Popularity: 86%

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The name Subhan is of Arabic origin and holds significant meaning in Islamic culture. Derived from the Arabic word "subhan," which means "praise," the name Subhan symbolizes a sense of adoration and reverence towards God. It is often used as an attribute to describe God's perfection and glory in Islamic prayers and praises. As a name, Subhan carries a spiritual connotation, reflecting the parents' desire to acknowledge and honor God's greatness through their child.

Choosing the name Subhan for a boy signifies the parents' hope that their son will grow up to embody the values of humility, gratitude, and devotion. The name Subhan is a constant reminder to remain appreciative and in awe of life's blessings, while also recognizing the higher power responsible for them. It serves as a spiritual guidepost, encouraging the child to lead a righteous and virtuous life, always striving to acknowledge and celebrate God's grandeur. Overall, the name Subhan conveys a deep sense of devotion, humility, and appreciation for the divine, creating a strong spiritual foundation for the boy who bears this name.

Origin: Arabic

Holy, glorifying.

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Overall UK ranking: 688 out of 4789

51 recorded births last year

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