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Name Popularity: 61%

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The name Stevie is a diminutive form of the name Stephen or Steven. It originated as a masculine given name but has become increasingly used as a unisex name in recent years. The meaning behind the name Stevie is often associated with the idea of a "crown" or "crowned one." This connotation is derived from the Greek name Stephanos, which means "crown" or "wreath."

Stevie is a name that exudes strength and royalty. It represents a person who is seen as a leader or someone with great authority. The name also carries a sense of accomplishment and victory, symbolizing someone who has achieved great things in their life. Additionally, Stevie can be associated with qualities like wisdom, power, and determination.

Overall, the name Stevie carries a powerful and regal meaning. It is a name that embodies leadership, success, and the ability to overcome challenges. Whether used for a boy or a girl, Stevie evokes an aura of strength and achievement.

Origin: Greek

Form of Steven. Crown.


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Steven , Stefan , Stefanie , Steffi, Steffie, Step, Stephan , Stephenie, Stevie

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Overall UK ranking: 1860 out of 4789

12 recorded births last year

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