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The name Sarfaraz is a boy's name of Persian origin. It is composed of two elements: "sar" meaning "head" or "chief", and "faraz" meaning "high" or "exalted". Therefore, the name Sarfaraz can be interpreted as "a high-ranking or exalted chief".

Names are often infused with cultural and historical significance, and Sarfaraz is no exception. In many Persian-speaking countries, such as Iran and Afghanistan, the name Sarfaraz is associated with leadership, honor, and authority. It carries a sense of respect and admiration for individuals who possess strong leadership qualities, and it may serve as a reminder of the responsibility that comes with such a position.

Overall, Sarfaraz is a name that embodies strength, power, and elevated status. It reflects the desire for individuals to make an impact and be recognized as leaders in their communities or professions.

Origin: Arabic

Respected, blessed.

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