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The name Samson is derived from Hebrew origins and holds a rich historical and biblical significance. In Hebrew, Samson is translated as "sun child" or "like the sun." The name symbolizes strength, power, and leadership, as associated with the mighty biblical figure Samson.

In the Bible, Samson was known for his exceptional physical strength, his remarkable victories over enemies, and his dedication to God. He was chosen by God to deliver the Israelites from the Philistines and was blessed with extraordinary physical abilities. Despite his flaws and weaknesses, Samson's name has come to represent resilience, courage, and determination.

Parents who choose the name Samson for their baby boy may hope to imbue him with a strong and powerful character. The name carries a sense of responsibility and leadership, encouraging the child to use his strength for the greater good. Samson is a name that holds historical and biblical significance while conveying a sense of power and heroism.

Origin: Hebrew

Like the sun.


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61 recorded births last year

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