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The name Salah is of Arabic origin and is commonly used for boys. It holds significant meaning in Islamic culture. Salah is derived from the Arabic word "salat," which refers to the five daily prayers performed by Muslims. It is one of the Five Pillars of Islam and holds great importance in the religious practice of Muslims worldwide.

The name Salah can also be interpreted to mean "righteousness" or "piety." It carries the connotation of being devout and obedient to religious duties. Naming a boy Salah may reflect the desire for him to grow up to be a pious and devout individual, dedicated to following the teachings of Islam. It can also signify the hope for him to excel in his spiritual journey and maintain a strong connection with God.

In summary, the name Salah not only refers to the act of prayer in Islamic faith but also holds the meaning of righteousness and devotion. Naming a boy Salah suggests the aspiration for him to be a devout and righteous individual, diligently fulfilling his religious obligations.

Origin: Biblical

Mission, sending.

Related names

Salah , Salaah, Salahuddeen

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