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The name Sajjad is of Arabic origin and holds great significance in Islamic culture. It is primarily used as a boy's name and has a profound meaning attached to it. Sajjad is derived from the Arabic word "sajada," which means "to prostrate oneself in prayer." It signifies deep devotion and humility towards God.

In Islamic tradition, Sajjad carries a spiritual connotation as it is often used to refer to Prophet Muhammad's grandson, Imam Sajjad, also known as Imam Zainul Abidin. He was known for his exceptional piety and devotion to God, particularly evident through his lengthy prayers and supplications. Thus, the name Sajjad is associated with qualities such as devotion, humility, and spiritual connection.

Choosing the name Sajjad for a boy reflects the hope that he will grow up to possess these values and exhibit a strong sense of faith. It can also serve as a reminder to the child and those around him about the importance of sincere worship and humility in their relationship with the divine.

Origin: Arabic

Worshipper of Allah.

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